Reassigned Time 2.0

Tap, tap, tap! Is This Thing On?

So, I got an email from Historiann the other day, and she alerted me to the fact that I haven’t posted on this here blog since December.  No, I have not been basking in my promotion since December.  I have been: 1) presenting at MLA, 2) dealing with program assessment, 3) serving on faculty senate, 4) dealing with department colleague craziness, 5) mentoring undergraduate research (I have two students going to a conference to present their own work next month!), 6) solving problems created by terrible communication and poor administration (involving being THAT full professor who EMAILS THE DEAN), 7) Getting rejected for an NEH grant ONCE AGAIN, in spite of POSITIVE REVIEWS of my application, 8) planning my NEXT book even though I’m STILL not done with THIS book, 9) conducting a functional, happy, adult relationship (don’t you love how I buried that?), and 10) adopting a homeless kitten who (literally) showed up on my doorstep in March!

I know you wanted to see tiny Beatrix Sassafras.  Don’t deny it.

However, there is also another thing that I think neither you nor I can deny.  I’m apparently done in this here space.  I’ve resisted pulling the trigger, but it’s time.  Dr. Crazy of Reassigned Time 2.0 just isn’t who I am as an academic anymore, or even as a person anymore.  It’s time to call it a day here, friends.  I have so appreciated all of you who have been reading what I write, not only in this space but in Dr. Crazy’s previous locations for the past 11 years.  And while I am closing up shop here, I do think that I am going to reinvent myself in order to blog another day, though not as Dr. Crazy but as my Actual Self (though I’ve yet to figure out exactly how or where).  If tenure means never having to say you’re sorry (as a certain Madwoman once said), then full promotion means that you don’t need a flipping pseudonym.  I have things that I want to say now that I want to own, and I want to write in ways that speak to the value of my discipline, of the humanities in general, and of the work that we as faculty do in higher education.  Basically, I’ve (finally) had enough of all of my bitching 🙂

So again, thank you all for your interest in what I’ve had to say, for your support when I’ve needed it, and for giving me a community when I felt like I didn’t have one as an assistant and then associate professor.  Without you all (and this isn’t an exaggeration), I wouldn’t have kept at blogging for this long.

So until we meet again. . . only next time it will be as “me” and not as the super-hero alter-ego that is Dr. Crazy.

(Oh, and a postscript: whatever happens in the new iteration of my blogging life, it will include updates on the kitties, because the internet exists for kitties.)